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Our ability to communicate and connect with each other is key to our success and happiness. The ASHFoundation supports innovators and sparks innovation in communication sciences to make that connection possible for everyone. Join us!

We make early investments in promising innovators empower speech, language, and hearing professionals change people's lives.

Our Stories

Shae Morgan

Funded in 2017, 2019

Shae’s ASHFoundation support helped him pursue research into how people who wear cochlear implants can often miss crucial social components of speech. As his research continues, he hopes his findings will further underscore the need for greater advancement and innovation for hearing technology.


Pasquale Bottalico

Funded in 2019

Pasquale’s ASHFoundation support is helping him pursue research into how classroom acoustics affect what a student hears as well as how it affects a teacher’s vocal output. As his research continues, he hopes his findings will provide a foundation for updated classroom acoustic requirements in American classrooms.


Raksha Mudar

Funded in 2017

Raksha’s ASHFoundation support funded her research into how hearing loss contributes to cognitive decline in older populations. As her research continues, she hopes to identify treatments and interventions that will help maintain a high quality of life as we all age.


Pumpki Lei Su

Funded in 2017, 2021

Pumpki’s ASHFoundation support helped propel her research into how “parentese” – the unique speaking style that many parents use when talking to their babies – can help language development in monolingual and bilingual children who struggle to learn language as well as children with autism spectrum disorder.


Sarah Villard

Funded in 2014, 2019

Sarah’s ASHFoundation support funded her investigation into learning what factors increased the challenges for people with aphasia to process speech in noisy environments such as restaurants. That investigation then allowed her to obtain additional funding from the National Institutes of Health to pursue potential interventions and treatments.

See a full list of our past recipients and read about their work.

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Events and Deadlines

3/1/2024 - Intent to Submit Deadline
Intent to Submit deadline for Researcher-Practitioner Collaboration Grant, New Century Scholars Research Grant, and New Investigators Research Grant.

3/6/2024 - Fireside Chat 3: New Century Scholars: Looking Back
The ASHFoundation’s New Century Scholars program has been supporting students and researchers for more than 20 years! The final installment of the 2024 Fireside Series, Fireside Chat 3: New Century Scholars: Looking Back, will highlight the objectives and priorities of this program. Join a panel of award recipients on March 6, from 4-5 p.m. EST, to learn about the impact this program has had on the discipline and on their research careers.This session is open to all but has limited capacity.

4/10/2024 - Clinical Achievement Awards Deadline
Nomination deadline for Frank R. Kleffner Lifetime Clinical Career Award, Louis M. DiCarlo Award for Recent Clinical Achievement and Rolland J. Van Hattum Award for Contribution in the Schools.

4/17/2024 - Research Grants Deadline
Submission deadline for Researcher-Practitioner Collaboration Grant, New Century Scholars Research Grant, and New Investigators Research Grant.

4/17/2024 - Student Research Grants Deadline
Submission deadline for Student Research Grant in Audiology and Student Research Grant in Early Childhood Language Development.

5/15/2024 - New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship Deadline
Application deadline for the New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship. 

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Join “Sparking Innovation With Every Stride,” the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation’s fifth annual virtual 5K walk/run, on Aug. 31, 2024.

Nancy J. Minghetti, 2022 ASHA Honors Statement

During the 2022 ASHA Convention New Orleans, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) presented Nancy J. Minghetti, who recently retired after leading the ASHFoundation for 26 years, with the Honors of the Association.

2022 ASHFoundation Awards and Honorees

Conferred during the ASHFoundation annual Founders Breakfast on November 18, 2022.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation Announces New Executive Director

Sharon E. Moss, PhD, CCC-SLP, CAE will be the next Executive Director of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHFoundation), the organization announced today.

Nancy J. Minghetti, Executive Director of the ASHFoundation, to Retire

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHFoundation) announced today its Executive Director for the past 26 years, Nancy J. Minghetti, will retire in September.

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