Nancy J. Minghetti, Executive Director of the ASHFoundation, to Retire

June 23, 2022

(Rockville, MD) The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHFoundation) announced today its Executive Director for the past 26 years, Nancy J. Minghetti, will retire in September.

“The steady and very positive leadership Nancy has provided cannot be overstated,” ASHFoundation President Tommie Robinson said. “Her achievements are many, and her impact has been wide. We are deeply grateful to Nancy for all that she has done and wish her well.”

An affiliate of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, the ASHFoundation supports study and research of communication disorders that affect millions of Americans every day.

Minghetti began her ASHFoundation career in 1986 and held several positions before she became Executive Director. During her tenure, the organization experienced tremendous growth and development. Individual donors totaled only 600 in 1989; today, more than 58,000 have donated to the ASHFoundation over time. That same year (1989), net assets of the organization totaled $228,000; the current total is $23 million. Similarly, over roughly the same time, funds for doctoral and postdoctoral research grants, scholarships, and clinical achievement awards increased from $1.3 million to $12.1 million, and support of scholars grew from $34,000 annually to $870,000 in 2021.

“I am extremely honored and fortunate to have had a wonderful and lengthy opportunity to lead an organization that has such a positive and meaningful purpose, and ultimately makes a great difference in so many people’s lives,” Minghetti said. “I especially want to recognize and thank past and present donors and sponsors, our ASHFoundation champions who have enabled us to advance innovation in communication sciences. I also extend my deep appreciation to our gifted and dedicated staff. They—along with the talented and inspiring innovators whose work the ASHFoundation funds—were, are, and will be so vital to achieving continued success.”

Conducted by an ad hoc committee of the ASHFoundation board of directors, a search for a successor has begun. 

“We are interested in selecting a highly qualified and experienced applicant of course,” President Robinson said, “and I’m confident we will find that person. However, Nancy will be succeeded, not replaced. Perhaps her biggest accomplishment of all will be that she will leave the ASHFoundation strong, well positioned to continue its important work and meet whatever challenges may be ahead.”

About the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHFoundation)

The ASHFoundation supports innovators and sparks innovation in the communication sciences. We provide resources for promising researchers, students, and professionals exploring bold ideas and forward-thinking solutions to improve the lives of people with hearing, speech, language, and swallowing disorders. The ASHFoundation raises funds from individuals, corporations, and organizations to invest in ingenuity and empower innovators to chart new paths. We achieve this through research grants, scholarships, clinical achievement awards, and special programs.