State Clinical Achievement Awards

The Louis M. DiCarlo Award for Recent Clinical Achievement recipient is selected each year from a group of State Clinical Achievement Award recipients. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHFoundation) asks each state association to select one person from within the state to receive an award for demonstrated contributions to the advancement of knowledge in clinical practice in audiology or speech-language pathology within the past six years. That person receives a certificate from the ASHFoundation and is named a State Clinical Achievement Award recipient.

State associations establish their own mechanisms for determining their nominees, but they are advised to recognize a recent achievement based on criteria for the DiCarlo Award. Check with your state association for more information on the State Clinical Achievement Award nomination process.

Louis M. DiCarlo Award for Recent Clinical Achievement

The Louis M. DiCarlo Award recognizes a recipient—chosen from each year’s group of State Clinical Achievement Award recipients—who has worked toward advancing knowledge in clinical practice, as evidenced by a significant accomplishment within the past six years in audiology and/or speech-language pathology.

The DiCarlo Award is a memorial recognition of Louis M. DiCarlo, who had a long and distinguished clinical career in communication sciences and disorders before his death in 1996 at 93.

The recipient of the DiCarlo Award receives a recognition plaque and an award of $2,500 to further their awarded work.

Nominees are not limited to any one type of clinical achievement or activity, and past nominees are eligible. However, the achievement must be specific, well defined, and clearly within the last six years. Eligible activities or accomplishments include, but are not restricted to, the following examples:

  • A single achievement with a client or group of clients.
  • A specific clinical service or training program.
  • A specific achievement in a state or local organization or government agency activity.
  • A specific accomplishment in clinical teaching, research, or administration.

Past recognized projects included a new treatment technique, an innovative urban service-delivery program, new clinical research, a training video addressing an unmet need, a multicultural parent training program, a unique hospital program, and a successful state legislative initiative.

Note: The DiCarlo Award is not a general lifetime award, nor is it for general accomplishments over a six-year period. Nominations must be framed on a single, specific, well-defined achievement to be eligible.

Nomination Requirements

All nominations of State Clinical Achievement Award recipients for the DiCarlo Award must be submitted online by a representative from each state association. Nominators must complete the Nomination and Summary Form and upload the Nomination Narrative. Absence of requested information will automatically exclude any potential nominee for consideration.

  1. Nomination and Summary Form (online)
    Nominators are asked to provide the following information:
    1. Nominee's contact information
    2. Nominator's contact information
    3. Recent Achievement: Identify the year(s) of recent, specific achievement, which must be within the last six years. 
    4. Summary Statement: In three sentences or fewer, state why your state association selected this individual as your state nominee.
    5. Selection Process: Describe the state association's process for selecting the state nominee and preparing the nomination.
  1. Nomination Narrative (one PDF file, limit up to 8 pages)
    The nominator should prepare the Nomination Narrative (addressed to "Review Panel") to explain the more detailed rationale for nominating the individual.
    This narrative text must include the following A–E section headers:
    1. Identification and description of the outstanding clinical achievement.
      (Include information on when and where the specific achievement took place.)
    2. Description of the significance of the recent achievement.
    3. Explanation of the nominee’s role in the achievement and how the nominee's actions have advanced knowledge in clinical practice.
    4. Evidence of support for the nomination through letters, statements, and/or other supporting materials (included in 8-page limit).


All sections of the Nomination Narrative must be uploaded as ONE sequential PDF file. Selected font should be 12 point and uncondensed, and margins should be at least 1 inch. The Nomination Narrative should be single-spaced, no more than 8 pages, and include the section headers. Any page(s) exceeding the limitation will be removed before circulation to the Review Panel.